Our 2nd We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference took place September 15-17, 2021. Here you will find more information about our speakers. You can still register to watch the recordings here: Buy Archives Pass

Christine Cohen

I am a long time member of the Whittier Area Genealogical Society (WAGS), and have served in many capacities, including President. In addition to WAGS, I’m also a member of the El Redondo Chapter of the DAR, the Society of Daughters of Holland Dames and Association of Professional Genealogists. Read More >>

Dave Gutierrez

Dave Gutierrez is the author of the book Patriots from the Barrio. He is the President of the Nuevo Mundo Historical and Genealogical Society in the SF Bay Area. He has presented at the Texas State Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference and scheduled to present at the National WWII Museum. Read More >>

Colleen Robledo Greene

Colleen Robledo Greene, MLIS, is an academic librarian and college educator. She is a nationally recognized speaker specializing in Mexican and Hispanic research, methodology, libraries and archives, and technology. She also teaches a graduate-level genealogy university course. Colleen has been researching her family history since 1997. Read More >>

Marty Puentes

I was born and raised in California. I went to college in Hawaii. Currently I reside in the Sacramento, California area. I'm married with two beautiful daughters. I've been middle-school teacher for over 18 years. I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening and genealogy. Read More >>

Ada Luque Nelson

Ada Luque Nelson

Born in the Isthmus of Panama, a Hispanic country with strong international ties, I have spent 20+ years tracing my multi-ethnic roots to neighboring countries and all the way back to Spain. A dedicated genealogy volunteer and conference presenter, I’m delighted to help others discover their Hispanic roots and heritage. Read More >>

Christine Woodcock

Christine is a genealogy educator with an interest in Scottish research and story collecting. Being an immigrant herself, she is fascinated with stories of others who left their homeland for opportunities in new countries. Read More >>

Henrietta Martinez Christmas

Henrietta M. Christmas, a well-known and respected genealogical speaker has given presentations on topics related to Hispanic/Southwestern research. Engagements include keynote - New Mexico Genealogical Society, Santa Fe Trail Association, featured at annual conferences: Texas Genealogical Society, DAR and BIA-International Conference, Legacy Family Tree webinars and an instructor at SLIG. Read More >>

Jean Wilcox Hibben

Jean Hibben is a National speaker/author. A Member: NGS, APG, DAR. Retired speech professor with Doctorate in Folklore; Masters in Speech and has a DBA as Circlemending.org. She is also a columnist “Aunty Jeff,” Jefferson County, NY Gen. Soc. bi-monthly publication. President of the Corona Genealogical Society and Past-president: So. Cal. Chapter, APG. She is also a former director of Corona, CA FHC. Read More >>

Joy Oria

Houston native Joy Oria has been a librarian at the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research since 2015. She completed the SLIG course Advanced Hispanic Research in 2020 and has been researching for over ten years. She is currently transcribing padrones for the Sahuayo area of Michoacán, Mexico. Read More >>

Laurie Castillo

1st VP Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group; Former VP/Executive Secretary and Board Member, Utah Genealogical Association; BYU FHL consultant & teacher 28+ years; Professional researcher, writer 30+ years; Former Utah State DAR Officer; Instructor: RootsTech 2015-2020, BYU Family History Conference 2014-2019; FamilyRoots Conference 2020; local and regional conferences. Read More >>

Leslie Carney

Leslie Carney, living in Tucson, Arizona is a Professional Genealogist, Researcher, and Speaker. With over 25 years experience in genealogy and family history research. Specializing in Southwestern United States and Sonora, Mexico. She holds a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. Read More >>

Lisa Medina

Lisa Medina is a devoted genealogist and enthusiastic lecturer with experience researching North American and Mexican genealogy. When not chasing down the stories of ancestors, Lisa is a mother of two and a busy Director of Admissions and Registrar at a California State University. Read More >>

Mauricio Gonzalez

Mauricio González is a professor at Laredo College. He is also a genealogist and author. He has written several books on his family history. His most recent work is Tracing My Mother's Roots in Nuevo León: History and Genealogy. He belongs to Las Villas del Norte and other genealogical groups. Read More >>

Nefi Arenas

Nefi is a full-time genealogy researcher based in Toluca, Mexico. He specializes in finding Jewish ancestors in Colonial Mexico. He was born in Mexico City, graduated from BYU Idaho and founded Parentum Genealogy Services. He is an APG board member, and has presented for Roots Tech. Read More >>

Shaunese Luthy

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Family History and Genealogy from Brigham Young University in 2018. My research is focused in the: Dakotas Regions, Central Plain Regions, Midwest/Great Lake Regions, and Mountain West Region. I am the owner of Untangle Your Roots, specializing in client research, presentations and life stories. Read More >>

Irma Salinas Holtkamp

Irma Salinas Holtkamp is a retired professional librarian who has researched her family roots in Texas and Mexico for 40+ years. Her research experience precedes the advent of online genealogy. She has been an Ancestry subscriber since 1999 and has extensive experience using a variety of records from many countries. Read More >>

Ricky Reyes

Mr. Ricky D. Reyes RA, is a Texas Registered Architect and Retired Multi-million Construction Project Manager. Continuing his Native American family roots as Mestizo Shaman (Curandero) & Herbalist, has authored “Texas First: Prayer - The Four Directions Prayer.” As Historian, mastered Genealogy, Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology and Astronomy. Artisian in: Metal Sculpture, Film Director / Producer and... Read More >>

John P. Schmal

John P. Schmal is an historian, genealogist, and lecturer. He specializes in the genealogical research and Indigenous history of several Mexican states. He is also the author of several books, including Mexican‐American Genealogical Research: Following the Paper Trail to Mexico (Heritage Books, 2002) and The Journey to Latino Political Representation (Heritage Books, 2007). He manages... Read More >>

Arturo Cuellar

Born and raised in Mexico, Arturo is a genealogical researcher with more than 30 years of research experience. Arturo is an Accredited Genealogist (A.G.®) in Mexico. He works at the Family History Library as a Latin America Research Specialist since 2010.. Read More >>

Dr. Carolina Castillo Crimm

Dr. Carolina Castillo Crimm is a native of Mexico whose father’s ancestors came to Texas from New Spain In 1792 while her mother’s family arrived in New England in 1632. She holds degrees from the University of Miami, Texas Tech and the University of Texas where she studied under Dr. Nettie Lee Benson.  . Read More >>

Past Speakers

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