Speakers – 7th We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference

Our 7th We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference will take place September 11-13, 2024, and you can attend from the comfort of your home. On May 1, 2024 we will list our speakers in this page.

Richard Hill

Richard Hill was the first adoptee to identify his birth family through genetic genealogy DNA testing. He shared his story in an award-winning book, "Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA." He has founded two websites on the subject of DNA testing, most recently DNAFavorites.com. Read More

Ryan Jordan

Ryan teaches U.S. history online at National University in La Jolla, CA and previously taught at Lafayette College, UC San Diego, and the University of San Diego. He is an accredited genealogist in the Mexican Region with ICAP Gen and enjoys helping clients discover their roots. Read More

Laurie Castillo

1st VP Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group; Former VP/Executive Secretary and Board Member, Utah Genealogical Association; BYU FHL consultant & teacher 28+ years; Professional researcher, writer 30+ years; Former Utah State DAR Officer; Instructor: RootsTech 2015-2020, BYU Family History Conference 2014-2019; FamilyRoots Conference 2020; local and regional conferences. Read More

Moises Garza

Moises Garza

Moises Garza is the founder of We Are Cousins and Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group. He is also the author of over 40 publications and the popular book series Last Names of Nuevo Leon. He is also the creator of the Mexican Genealogy blog and the many Facebook groups that form part of the Mexican Genealogy Network. Read More

Amy Carpenter

Amy Carpenter

Amy Carpenter graduated from Brigham Young University in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Family History - Genealogy and now works in multiple capacities as a professional genealogist, specializing in American South and Filipino genealogy. When not researching, Amy enjoys traveling with her husband and two children. Read More

Erica Peña Vest

Erica Pena-Vest

Erica Peña-Vest is an educated social psychology 'hobbyist' with focus on Hispanics genealogical study. Having researched her own genealogy for her master's thesis, Erica now devotes her time to writing the history of her family's ancestors while trying not to get uninvited to Christmas for the secrets she uncovers. Read More

John P. Schmal

John P. Schmal is the manager of the IndigenousMexico.org website and is a member of Las Villas del Norte. He does presentations on Texas, New Mexico, California and Mexican genealogy and history. Read More

Jean Hibben

Jean Wilcox Hibben is a National speaker/author. A Member: NGS, APG, DAR. Retired speech professor with Doctorate in Folklore; Masters in Speech and has a DBA as Circlemending.org. She is also a columnist “Aunty Jeff,” Jefferson County, NY Gen. Soc. bi-monthly publication. Read More

Torella Roslyn

Roslyn Torella specializes in Italian and immigrant genealogy, with over 25 years of research experience and wrote a monthly Italian genealogy column for La Gazzetta Italiana for several years. Her research has also been featured in the National Genealogy Magazine. Read More

Leslie Carney

Leslie Carney, a Professional Genealogist, Researcher and Speaker. With over 30 years of experience in genealogy and family history research. Specializing in Southwestern United States and Sonora Mexico. Leslie holds a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and an alumnus of the ProGen Study Group. Read More

Wesley Johnston

Wesley Johnston holds Master's degrees in Mathematics and History. Since his family is like the United Nations he has researched in many different countries and languages. His 27 books are on family history, art history and World War II history. Read More

Dee Pavey

Dee is an experienced genealogist with a 30-year career and a knack for finding ancestors. She has two BAs (in History and Sustainability) and is working on her History MA at IU. With experience in genetic genealogy, historical writing, and biographies, Dee has helped hundreds trace their family trees. Read More

Allyson Maughan

Allyson Maughan

Allyson graduated from Idaho State University in 2001. She completed Gen Proof in 2023, ProGen 53 in 2022 and a Genealogy Research and Writing Certificate from Salt Lake Community College in 2019. She passed her Level 1 December 2023 and will be testing in February 2024. Her website is familypicturesandpoetry.blogspot.com. Read More

Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer

Michelle L. Spencer, owner of RomaMaryGrace, is an historian & professional genealogist specializing in family business research, material culture, pandemics, and the National Register of Historic Places. She loves traveling, researching, and collecting old things. A Missouri native, she and her husband live in Millbrook, AL. Read more

Patti Williams

Patti Huff Williams

Patti Huff Smith is Director of Education at Dallas Genealogical Society. She’s a member of the Association of rofessional Genealogists. Patti has completed these courses: Boston University's "Certificate in Genealogical Research”, "The Academy DNA Skills Workshop" by Diahan Southard and The Texas Institute of Genealogical Research - Read More

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