Here you will find more information about our speakers. Please note that this list is not final nor fully updated. We will continue to add more presenters as they come onboard. Come back by July 15, 2020 for full list of speakers.

Moises Garza

Moises Garza is the founder of We Are Cousins and Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group. He is also the author of over 30 publications and the popular book series Last Names of Nuevo Leon. He is also the creator of the Mexican Genealogy blog and the many FaceBook groups that from part of the... Read More >>

Dave Gutierrez

Dave Gutierrez is the author of the book Patriots from the Barrio. He is the President of the Nuevo Mundo Historical and Genealogical Society in the SF Bay Area. He has presented at the Texas State Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference and scheduled to present at the National WWII Museum. Read More >>

Cindy A. Medina

Cindy A. Medina is a publicist, history activist and genealogist. Her forte state is the state of Chihuahua. She is the cultural promoter and publicist for the Pancho Villa Stash House in El Paso, Texas. She is also the U.S. Ambassador for the General Felipe Angeles Foundation. Read More >>

Richard Hill

Richard Hill, the first adoptee to identify his birth family through genetic genealogy DNA tests, is the founder of DNA-Testing-Adviser.com and the author of "Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA" and "Guide to DNA Testing." Read More >>

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Dardashti is a journalist and genealogist, an award-winning pioneer Jewish genealogy columnist/blogger; founder, Tracing the Tribe – Jewish Genealogy on Facebook (35,500 members from 101 countries); founding member, Centro Sefarad New Mexico; and the US Genealogy Advisor for MyHeritage.   Read More >>

Dr. Beatrice de Leon Edwards

Beatrice de Leon Edwards

Dr. Beatrice de León Edwards is a retired school district assistant superintendent, part-time professor, and author of local history books and articles. She has given presentations on the historical context of genealogical individuals and groups. Read More >>

Barbara Renaud

Barbara Renaud

I am a published writer of three books. My first novel, Golondrina, why did you leave me? was the first Chicana novel to be published by UT Press, 2009, received prizes. I have taught Memoir workshops for GeminiInk in SA. I am in Athens, Greece, finishing my fourth book.   Read More >>

Mauricio Gonzalez

Mauricio J. González is a professor at Laredo College. He is also a genealogist and author. He has written and self-published five books on his family history. Last year, he presented at the annual Texas Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference in Dallas.   Read More >>

Esther Camacho

Esther Camacho is a south Texas librarian, genealogist, and historical researcher. She has done historical and genealogical presentations to various organizations, genealogical groups, and state conferences. She is an active member of the Hidalgo County Historical Commission. Her primary focus is genealogy, local history, and cemetery research.   Read More >>

Maria Elena Laborde

Born Mexico City 1947, as result of 15 years of genealogical investigations published Nopalera, and later on a historical novel, presented in Madrid and London, Mexico City (Chapultepec Castle), speaker in 1918 at San Antonio (Bexareños), and twice at the Binacional in Saltillo. Read More>>

Dr. Carolina Crimm

Dr. Carolina Castillo Crimm is a native of Mexico whose father’s ancestors came to Texas from New Spain In 1792 while her mother’s family arrived in New England in 1632. She holds degrees from the University of Miami, Texas Tech and the University of Texas where she studied under Dr. Nettie Lee Benson. She has taught history for forty years.   Read More >>

Arturo Cuellar

Born and raised in Mexico, Arturo is a genealogical researcher with more than 30 years of research experience. Arturo is an Accredited Genealogist (A.G.®) in Mexico. He works at the Family History Library as a Latin America Research Specialist since 2010.  Read More >>

Leslie Carney

Leslie Carney, living in Tucson, Arizona is a Professional Genealogist, Researcher, and Speaker. With over 25 years' experience in genealogy and family history research. Specializing in Southwestern United States and Sonora, Mexico. She holds a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University.   Read More >>

Susana Privett

Susana Privett works closely with organizations, local governments, businesses, government agencies, and other entities to provide a clear understanding of the Census Bureau as well as the data collected. Susana provides presentations and conducts workshops about Census data, various surveys and more from census.gov.  Read More >>

Jose Ruben Riojas

Jose Ruben Riojas lives in Mexico and is passionate about his country and family´s history. He has spent 25 years researching and teaching; as a faculty and researcher at the University of Monterey. His origin is deeply rooted in Coahuila and Nuevo León, states that he loves and has known since his childhood.  Read More >>

Colleen Robledo Greene

Colleen Robledo Greene, MLIS, is an academic librarian and college educator who teaches a graduate-level genealogy university course, and is a nationally recognized speaker specializing in methodology, Mexican & Hispanic research, libraries and archives, and technology. Her ancestors hail from Mexico, California, New Mexico, and Texas. Read More >>

Geri Hagler

Geri Hagler is a genetic genealogist, speaker, and educator. Her science and technology background helps her breakdown DNA topics and associated analysis tools into understandable concepts. Her many years of helping adoptees solve their unknown parentage cases with genetic genealogy inspired her to start, The DNA Decoder, her up-and-coming blog. Read More >>

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