Speakers – 6th We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference

Our 6th We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference took place September 21-22, 2023. Here you will find more information about our speakers. You can watch recordings here:: Buy A Conference Recordings Pass

Key Note Speaker

Cindy A. Medina

Cindy A. Medina is a New Spain and Mexico historian, publicist, genealogist, social media influencer, and film/documentary producer. Her forte state regarding genealogy is the state of Chihuahua. She is the binational rep. for the Pancho Villa Foundation. Read More >>

Our Speakers

Ryan Jordan

I currently teach U.S. history online at National University in La Jolla, CA and have previously taught at Lafayette College, UC San Diego, and the University of San Diego. I am currently completing the accreditation program with ICAP Gen in the Mexico Region. Read More >>

Eleanor Brinsko

Eleanor Brinsko is a professional genealogist who does European-American genealogy and specializes in Scandinavian-American genealogy by looking at genealogical and social trends on both sides of the Atlantic. Eleanor has given lectures for the Wisconsin Historical Society and public libraries, genealogical societies, and family reunions. Read More >>

Lianne Kruger

Lianne Kruger is a professional genealogist and speaker. A board member of mitoYDNA and advisory member of Ancestry.ca, Lianne is also a frequent speaker at conferences and webinars including RootsTech, Legacy FamilyTree Webinars, THE Genealogy Show (UK), Ancestry, WikiTree, sessions for societies in the 5 western provinces, and more. Read More >>

John P. Schmal

John P. Schmal is an historian, genealogist, and lecturer. He specializes in the genealogical research and Indigenous history of several Mexican states. He manages the following website, which provides historical information and presentations about the Mexican states: IndigenousMexico.org. Read More >>

Leslie Carney

Leslie Carney, a Professional Genealogist, Researcher and Speaker. With over 30 years of experience in genealogy and family history research. Specializing in Southwestern United States and Sonora Mexico. Leslie holds a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and an alumnus of the ProGen Study Group. Read More >>

Lisa Medina

Lisa Medina is an enthusiastic and experienced lecturer who brings together the stories and methodologies of genealogy with the effective teaching strategies in her presentations. She has experience researching in several U.S. states, as well as in the Mexican states of Jalisco, Nuevo León, Chihuahua, Sonora and Sinaloa. Read More >>

Penny Walters

Dr. Penny Walters has been a University lecturer for 30 years, teaching Psychology and Business Studies. Penny lectures internationally in-person, writes articles, and is sought after for a wide range of webinar topics. Penny has authored the books: 'Ethical Dilemmas in Genealogy' and ‘The Psychology of Searching.’ Read More >>

Laurie Castillo

1st VP Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group; Former VP/Executive Secretary and Board Member, Utah Genealogical Association; BYU FHL consultant & teacher 28+ years; Professional researcher, writer 30+ years; Former Utah State DAR Officer; Instructor: RootsTech 2015-2020, BYU Family History Conference 2014-2019; FamilyRoots Conference 2020; local and regional conferences. Read More >>

Jose Ruben Riojas

Jose Ruben Riojas lives in Mexico and is passionate about his country and family´s history. He has spent 25 years researching and teaching; as a faculty and researcher at the University of Monterey. His origin is deeply rooted in Coahuila and Nuevo León, states that he loves and has known since his childhood. Read More >>

Joy Oria

Houston native Joy Oria has been a librarian at the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research since 2015. She completed the SLIG course Advanced Hispanic Research in 2020 and has been researching for over ten years. She is currently transcribing padrones for the Sahuayo area of Michoacán, Mexico. Read More >>

Jean Wilcox Hibben

Jean Wilcox Hibben is a National speaker/author. A Member: NGS, APG, DAR. Retired speech professor with Doctorate in Folklore; Masters in Speech and has a DBA as Circlemending.org. She is also a columnist “Aunty Jeff,” Jefferson County, NY Gen. Soc. bi-monthly publication. President of the Corona Genealogical Society and Past-president: So. Cal. Chapter, APG. She is also... Read More >>

Wesley Johnston

Wesley Johnston holds Master's degrees in Mathematics and History. Since his family is like the United Nationsm he has researched in many different countries and languages. His 27 books are on family history, art history and World War II history. Read More >>

Our Past Speakers

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