Dave Gutierrez

Speaker and Author Dave Gutierrez was a speaker for our 1st and 2nd We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conferences. In this post you can read more about him and about his presentations.

About Dave Gutierrez

Dave Gutierrez is a historical presenter, writer and author of the book Patriots from the Barrio, the only all Mexican American U.S. Army unit in WWII. Patriots from the Barrio was written based on Genealogy research. Hollywood has obtained the film rights to his book.

Archived Presentations

Title:  Military Records and Genealogy Research (presented at the 2nd WAC Conference)

Summary: Mr. Gutierrez will be exploring military records and genealogy research: How to locate military records and the valuable genealogy information contained in these records. Also, learn how to order official veteran records and locate tombstone records. Finally, exploring military and veteran organizations online to assist in your research. Watch Recording

Title:  Writing History with Genealogy (presented at the 1st WAC Conference)

Summary: Author Dave Gutierrez details the role Genealogy played in writing the book Patriots From the Barrio. The book is the true story of the only all Mexican American US Army unit in WWII. CBS TV Studios and Hollywood Actor Wilmer Valderrama have obtained the film rights to the book. Watch Recording

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