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Here you will find the schedule of presentations for our three day virtual conference that happened September 15-17, 2021. You can view the recording with an archive pass. You can get one here: Buy Conference Archives Pass NOTE: All times are Central Time U.S.A. 

  • Day 1 - Sep. 15, 2021

  • Day 2 - Sep. 16, 2021

  • Day 3 - sep. 17, 2021

Day 1 - Sep. 15, 2021

8:00 AM - Women in Colonial Spain - by Henrietta Martinez Chritsmas

Women in colonial Spain retained their identities, names and rights to their involvement in land deals, purchase homes, trade for goods and even fulfill their dying wishes. Learn how to research Women using many types of records and develop a better understanding of their roles in Spanish Colonial Society. - Go to Speaker Page

9:00 AM - Snapshot in Time: Your Family in Spanish Colonial Censuses - by Joy Oria

Padrones, or censuses, were taken for nearly every location throughout Spain’s colonial reign and are invaluable for providing a snapshot of families in a specific time and place. Learn to find padrones for your research locations and how to utilize the information they hold. - Go to Speaker Page

10:00 AM - Applying the Principle of 3 to Genealogy Research - by Jean Wilcox Hibben

Things seem to happen in groups of 3. Whether the 3 brothers are in a fairy tale or a family story, we like that number. Similarly, when 2 pieces of evidence are contradictory, a third piece may help break the tie. Good research requires more than one item of documentation. - Go to Speaker Page

11:00 AM - Unique Resources for Texas Genealogy Research - by Laurie Castillo

Many resources have been made available to the public by colleges and universities and other organizations that are digitizing and posting portions of their collections. These possibilities are worth considering as you may find that quality studies have already been done on the people or places of interest to you. - Go to Speaker Page

1:00 PM - From Huichapan to Nuevo Leon - Nefi Arenas

During the early 1600s, a few years after the definitive founding of Monterrey, another wave of immigrants arrived into the Nuevo Reino de Leon. A large group of Spanish traders, military officers, and cattle ranchers arrived from the town of Huichapan. A few of these families will be studied here. - Go to Speaker Page

2:00 PM - How to Make the Most of your AncestryDNA Matches - Irma Holtkamp

This presentation provides hints and strategies to help you discover exactly how you are related to many of your AncestryDNA matches. - Go to Speaker Page

3:00 PM - Cousin Baiting and Cousin Stalking - Christine Cohen

We will discuss the ways to reach out to living cousins to help you expand your pedigree chart forward in time. You may find family treasures, photos, DNA matches and information that could break down a brick wall. Let's explore online trees, obituaries, living people web sites and social media. - Go to Speaker Page

4:00 Pm - How Do I Keep Track of My Research? - Shaunese Luthy

Research logs are one of the keys to a successful research project. The use of a research log is to keep track of records already searched while saving time from searching through them again. This class will help create a research log along with the information to add to it. - Go to Speaker Page