Amy Carpenter

Amy Carpenter

Professional genealogist Amy Carpenter will be a speaker for the 7th We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference this September 11-13, 2024. In this post you can read more about her and what she will be presenting.

About Amy Carpenter

Amy Carpenter graduated from Brigham Young University in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Family History - Genealogy and now works in multiple capacities as a professional genealogist, specializing in American South and Filipino genealogy. When not researching, Amy enjoys traveling with her husband and two children.

Scheduled Presentations for 7th WACCON

Title: Metes & Bounds, Township & Range: Land Platting and Graphing

Summary: Don’t just skip over those land descriptions in those lengthy deed records! Join us for a thorough look at land platting, land graphing, and their value to genealogical research. Complete with key terminology, tips and tricks, and step-by-step (fully illustrated) examples.

Title: Genealogy Research Methodology for Absolute Beginners

Summary: This class is designed to be a comprehensive introduction and guide to genealogical methodology, including: creating meaningful research goals, choosing and locating various types of records, thorough evidence analysis, and integrating the Genealogical Proof Standard. Geared towards beginners, but an excellent review for all skill levels!

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