Leslie Carney

Leslie Carney

Professional Genealogist Leslie Carney will be a speaker for the 7th We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference this coming September 11-13, 2024. In this post you can read more about her and what she will be presenting.

About Leslie Carney

Leslie Carney, a Professional Genealogist, Researcher and Speaker. With over 30 years of experience in genealogy and family history research. Specializing in Southwestern United States and Sonora Mexico. Leslie holds a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and an alumnus of the ProGen Study Group.

Scheduled Presentation for 7th WAC Conference

Title: Family & Taxes, Oh My! Tax Records

Summary: Learn how to use and find Tax records. The information in the Tax record can not only help you locate your ancestors between census, but they can also tell you more details about the family lives. They can also be used in case of distroyed records.

Past Archived Presentations

NOTE: The following presentations can only be viewed for 60 days after each conference if you purchase the Gold Pass. Or all year if you purchase the Platinum Pass.

Title: Land Holders: Missions, Prisidios, Ranches to Land Grants (presented at the 6th WAC Conference)

Summary: Knowing the history of acquiring land and the conflicts of different political powers can lead to information about your landholder ancestors. You will also learn where and how to find the records. Watch Presentation

Title: 60 Minutes ; Creating A Locality Guide (presented at the 5th WAC Conference)

Summary: A locality guide can provide a list of information and resources to help you find records for a state, county, or town with efficiency. Watch Presentation

Title: Julian vs Gregorian Calendar; What Does It Mean for Your Genealogy Research (presented at the 4th WAC Conference)

Summary: Genealogist researching records need to understand the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar system. Learning which calendar system was used will help you understand the different dates used in the records of your ancestors. Watch Presentation

Title: More Than Just A Mark; Livestock Branding (presented at the 3rd WAC Conference)

Summary: Learning to locate livestock branding records can tell you where your ancestors were located at in a particular time period. Watch Presentation

Title:  Rest In Peace: Finding the Dead (presented at the 2nd WAC Conference)

Summary: Learning about headstones, funeral and cemetery records can reveal more information about your ancestors that goes beyond Birth and Death dates. Watch Recording

Title:  Deciphering Handwriting in Old Documents (presented at the 1st WAC Conference)

Summary: Knowing the History of writing or script found in old documents can help genealogist read and understand what the document is about. Leslie will discuss how handwriting changed through the ages from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Watch Recording

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