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Moises is Proud of His Book Reviews!


I knew absolutely nothing about searching for my family tree. Furthermore, having lived my entire life in the Midwest, I believed the history of Hispanos in the Valle was lost or of little significance to genealogists. How mistaken I was. The results of my Ancestry DNA spurred me to find out whence I came. Moises assiduously works to provide a blueprint of sources to help you find your roots. Very well organized with the goal of opening your eyes and your heart to a world that will surprise and justify your pride in your heritage.


The book gives very clear instructions on finding primary sources, organizing your research, and connecting with other Mexican genealogy researchers. I have done quite a bit of research, I've gone as back as far as the 1700s, but I admit that I have struggled with organizing my findings. The ebook provides specific methods on how to organize your work.

This is a very good book to help aspiring genealogist to get started on the right track. What I like most about the books are the links to valuable resources and the recommendations from the author.


This paperback book has great tips which I am learning. There is a section in the beginning that mentions the sitesmight change. If you come across a none working site to contact him. I just got it today and highlight all this great info.