Erica Peña-Vest

Erica Peña-Vest

Erica Peña-Vest will be a speaker for the 3rd We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference taking place March 23-25, 2022. In this post, you can read more about her and her presentation.

About Erica Peña-Vest

Erica Peña-Vest has been working in public relations for over 20 years. Having recently researched her family genealogy for her Master's Thesis, Erica is now specializes in genealogical tourism and continues to delve into her Spanish/Tejana roots. She hosts the podcast "The Endless Search" which focuses on family genealogy research.

Scheduled Presentations for 3rd WAC Conference

Title: The Importance of Including World History With Genealogical Research

Summary: CSpecifically for Mexican Americans from the South Texas region, understanding the historical perspective and political issues of our ancestors from Northern Mexico is imperative for a comprehensive genealogical study and an understanding of the sociological conditions that were the foundation of their familial life.

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