John P. Schmal

John P. Schmal

Author John P. Schmal will be a speaker for the 3rd We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference taking place March 23-25, 2022. In this post, you can read more about him and his presentations.

About John P. Schmal

John P. Schmal is an historian, genealogist, and lecturer. He specializes in the genealogical research and Indigenous history of several Mexican states. He manages the following website, which provides historical information and presentations about the Mexican states:

Scheduled Presentation for 3rd WAC Conference

Title: Indigenous Coahuila: Past and Present

Summary: John P. Schmal will provide a PowerPoint presentation about the Indigenous peoples of Coahuila through time. First there will be a discussion of the various people who inhabited the area during the colonial period, followed by a discussion of the indigenous languages spoken in Coahuila during the last century. Example of some indigenous records will be included.

Past and Archived Presentation

Title:  The Settlement of the Rio Grande (Nuevo Santander) (Presented at the 2nd WAC Conference)

Summary: John P. Schmal will discuss the original establishment of the Nuevo Santander colonial posts along the Rio Grande from 1749 to 1755. A discussion of the challenges of the settlers and their relationship with the neighboring native people will follow. The history of the region to the American period will be included. Resources for genealogical research on this area will be discussed towards the end. Watch Presentation

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