Seema Kenney

Seema Kenney

Professional Genealogist Seema Kenney will be a speaker for the 4th We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference taking place September 23-25, 2022. In this post, you can read more about her and her presentation.

About Seema Kenney

Seema is an experienced software instructor and a professional genealogist. Her known roots are in New England, England, Germany, and Sweden, with DNA adding The Netherlands. She has a certificate in Genealogical Research from BU, completed ProGen and is an active member and officer of several societies.

Scheduled Presentations for 4th WAC Conference

Title: Sharing Your Research Results

Summary: Today’s technologies give us many ways to share results without writing a full book. Let’s discuss creative ways to share even small discoveries that might interest your living family members.

Past and Archived Presentations

Title: The Staff of the US. Census

Summary: Just who was creating the documents genealogists typically turn to first? What rules did they follow? How long did they have to complete their job? How big is an enumeration district? This presentation tries to answer these questions, providing context for the data we turn to so often. Watch Presentation

Read About Other Speakers

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