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Families of Revilla (Guerrero Viejo) - Mauricio Gonzalez

Author and professor Mauricio Gonzalez will be a speaker for the 1st Annual We Are Cousins Virtual Conference this coming September 23-25, 2020. In this post you can read more about him and what he will be presenting.

About Mauricio Gonzalez

Mauricio J. González is a professor at Laredo College. He is also a genealogist and author. He has written and self-published five books on his family history. Last year, he presented at the annual Texas Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference in Dallas.

Presentation Information

Title:  Families of Revilla (Guerrero Viejo)

Summary: Professor Mauricio J. González will talk about his most recent book, Tracing My Mother’s Roots in Revilla (Guerrero Viejo) 1750-1850. He will discuss several aspects of the book, including organization and sources. He will also showcase some of his ancestors and the families with whom they had a connection.

For More Information About Our Speaker

Facebook Page: Mauricio Gonzalez Family History

Amazon Author Page: View Author Page

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