Vendor – Alma P. Rodriguez

The "Los Marmolejo's" book series began in 2012. It is an Historical Fiction saga based on my ancestors. The story moves back and forth in time, tracing the evolution of my family from Spain and Portugal to the New World in New Spain. As genealogists we search for facts and citations to trace our forbearers. I find that in story form these individuals are revealed as living, loving, struggling and working out their passions. This saga simultaneously represents the origins of the Mexican and Mexican American people. Enjoy the adventure of my heritage and in many ways, yours.

Description: An historical fiction based on a real family. This saga of the Marmolejo family presents how the Mexican and Mexican American were formed from two distinct civilizations-rooted in two separate continents. This story unfolds in successive Volumes.

Description: This Volume 2, is a sequel to, Los Marmolejos: The Dance of the Alleles, Volume 1. An elaboration on the furthest found origins in my research of the Marmolejo family. The format in this book includes an 'Interlude' clarifying the generation of a new people, the Mestizo, or Mexican, and Mexican-American. A continuation of the dramatic years in the original Marmolejo family on the New Continent of North America.

Description: Saga of the Marmolejo Family continues in this Volume 3. The union of the Marmolejo to the Cordova line forms the impactful story of struggle and lasting success of this migrant family.